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Mars Moon Space TV - Thomas Jensen

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Alien intelligent structures on Mars & near planets

Alien skulls, pyramids & statues. Appearing on Ancient Aliens

Amazing Mars objects & stuctures up close

Images of alien structures. Star Interviews. Baltic Sea Anomaly

Planetary anomalies. Appearing with Richard Hoagland

Amazingly detailed image enhancements of strange Mars objects

Godfather of the Gigapan. Compiling Mars rover images

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Founder of Mars Discoveries groups on Faceook & Instagram

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Escape the violence and treachery of planet Earth. Come and explore the amazing alien buildings, statues, strange but wonderful artefacts and specimens of Mars

and on our near planetary neighbours.

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Download the ArtAlienTV free app and link to over 20 million planetary images from NASA and ESA to become an anomaly hunter from the comfort of home on your mobile device or computer.


The anomaly hunters are available for TV and radio interviews, documentary guest appearances and research. They can all be contacted via their Facebook pages or YouTube channels on the right of each page.


Welcome aboard and keep on searching. Joseph White: Site Editor

Founder of Mars - A civilization lost & UFAH

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